Central Calm: Byron Bay Yoga and Wellness


Byron Bay, Lighthouse Walk.

‘Wellbeing is attained little by little, and nevertheless is no little thing itself.’ - Citium Zeno, ancient Hellenistic philosopher

For many years Byron Bay has had a bohemian, wellbeing focused spirit at its core. It’s Australia's hub of wellness.

It remains home to many sacred sites connected to the Dreaming of the Arakwal people. Its mountains are lined with ancient crystals. The powerful pull of volcanic rock deep beneath the earth lures people seeking the solace of wellbeing to its shores. 

This guide explores the best walking trails, yoga, pilates, massage and beauty experiences, all within a steps of your Basq House sanctuary. 

Byron Bay Yoga and Pilates: Bend Your Way to Wellness

Mind movement practices like Byron Bay yoga and pilates build a mind, body and soul connection with every breath. 

Studio Levels

30 Middleton Street – 3 minutes walk

Studio Levels specialises in challenging and rewarding reformer pilates workouts set in an all-inclusive studio. 

With foundations in exercise science, these workouts are delivered through private sessions tailored to each individual’s strength, mobility and endurance needs. 

The studio’s level structure begins with fundamentals that build reformer experience and slow burn results. The intermediate level focuses on strength and mobility results. While the advanced level is sanctioned for reformer lovers and unites strength and cardio. 

Strong Pilates

139 Jonson Street – 11 minutes walk

Strong Pilates, in the Jonson Lane precinct, offers a wellbeing experience based on the theme of ‘more’. A wider variety of longer classes are offered with more support from highly qualified trainers. 

The studio boasts increased challenges by incorporating resistance training and rowing cardio bursts lightened with carefully curated playlists that push you to do more. 

Each workout is crafted to be well-rounded and target the entire body.

Strong Pilates invites people to row, ride and reform their way to being a stronger, happier and healthier human.

On Track: Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk and other Trails

Basq Hotel’s central location brings the very best of Byron Bay to your doorstep, including iconic trails. Walk or run through a diversity of landscapes, discovering all new elements of Byron Bay. 

Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk

Begin at Lighthouse Road – 10 minutes walk

The iconic Cape Byron Walking Trail is a Grade 3, 3.7km loop that takes 1-2 hours to walk. The walk can be accessed at numerous points including Captain Cook lookout, The Pass, Wategos Beach and Cape Byron Lighthouse. 

Lace up and explore the Cape Byron State Conservation Area. Soak in an evolving landscape of rainforest, grasslands, clifftops and beaches. 

Watch in awe as the Pacific Ocean spreads out in front of you from the top of a cliff. Eagles soaring above and dolphins jumping below. Not to mention whales during the migration season. 

Bring a towel and cool off at The Pass and Wategoes Beach and take photos from the famed Captain Cook lookout. 

Once you’re in the shadow of the white-washed Byron Bay lighthouse imagine the struggle architect Charles Harding and his team faced erecting the 8-tonne optical lens that contains 760 pieces of highly polished prismatic glass. 

Tallow Beach and Arakwal National Park Trail

Tallow Beach Carpark – 27 minute walk or 5 minute drive

The 8.7km easy loop trail begins on Tallow Beach Road and is a popular walking or running trail with locals, due to its solitude. It takes between 2-3 hours to complete. It is accessible from Tallow Beach car park (details above). 

This trail begins with footprints in the sand. Take in the sights of Tallow Beach on this 3 km stretch of sand. Watch the waves break onto the rocky corner of the beach. 

A right turn takes you across the tea tree lined Tallow Creek via a quaint little bridge and onto the Arakwal National Park Trail. 

The Arakwal National Park has significant meaning to the Arakwal Aboriginal community who have lived in the region for more than 22,000 years. 

Within the park there are more than 120 species of birds, monitor lizards and vulnerable frog species such as the wallum froglet and wallum sedge frog. 

Encompassing beach, coastal heath and residential areas of East Byron, this trail offers a little of everything. 

Palm Valley Currenbah Track

Palm Valley Carpark – 30 minute walk or 5 minute drive

A short 0.7km, Grade 1 loop track, the Palm Valley Currenbah trail explores part of the Cape Byron State Conservation Area. It only takes 10 minutes to walk the easy paved trail. 

Beginning at the Palm Valley Carpark near The Pass, the trail winds through a lush palm rainforest and includes a complimentary BBQ area. 

Given its proximity to The Pass. This trail can easily be combined with a walk to the scenic Fisherman's Lookout, beach swim or even lunch at The Pass Café. 

Byron Bay Massage

Massage dates back to 3000 BC or earlier, where in India it was considered a sacred system of healing. Byron Bay massage is a remedial tonic of ancient wisdom, modern technique and healing spaces. 

Endota Spa

17 Lawson Street – 6 minutes walk

A full service day spa, Endota Spa offers an aromatic escape. Feel the world slowing as you daydream in the relaxation lounge. 

A consultation allows your therapist to tailor a massage treatment to your specific needs. A suite of targeted remedial massages aims to relieve muscle tightness and pain, improve posture and promote healing. 

Or relax under a soothing warm stone massage or the rest and restore treatment that combines a tension relieving massage with a stimulating peppermint and clove body scrub. 

Outside the realm of massage, Endota Spa also offers a series of high performance facials and immersive spa packages. 

Byron Massage Clinic

4 Bay Lane – 8 minute walk

Just minutes walk through the humming heart of Bryon village, Byron Massage Clinic offers a space of tranquillity to focus on relaxing and healing. 

Built on a foundation of Owner Brooke McCleary’s passion for anatomy and the mechanics of the human body, the Clinic elevates traditional massage therapies with aromatherapy, dry needling and cupping. 

Relieve discomfort with remedial massage, promote recovery and performance with sports massage, remove toxins and tension with Swedish massage and relax with pregnancy massage. 

Whether you’re seeking treatment for an acute or chronic condition or wish to surrender your body, mind and soul to the wonderful holiday pastime of massage, Byron Massage Clinic is all hands on deck. 

Byron Bay Beauty

In centuries passed, facials were a way for the European upper classes to maintain the appearance of pale, untouched skin, considered to be a sign of beauty, wealth and power. Today, facials and beauty treatments promote radiance through skin and hair health. 

Byron Beauty Bar

Corner of Marvell Street and Fletcher Street – 2 minutes walk

Wellness experiences don’t have to be a heady half day of indulgence. For a short, sharp burst of beauty focused wellbeing the Byron Beauty Bar offers hair, nails and beauty treatments. 

Take your holiday date night to the next level with an afternoon of beauty pampering. Polished nails, perfected makeup and that unstoppable confidence that comes with a fresh blow out. 

The Byron Beauty Bar’s signature blow dry includes a double cleans, luxurious scalp massage, condition and premium styling. From straight to tousled or big bouncy curls and everything in between. 

Bordered by pristine beaches and forests, Byron Bay wellness experiences take those on a journey of wellbeing outside to bathe in nature or inside purpose-built spa sanctuaries to relax, rebalance and restore. 

Skin Divinity

 27 Fletcher Street – 4 minutes walk

A specialist skin, beauty and laser clinic, Skin Divinity provides non-surgical cosmetic, medical and beauty treatments using state of the art medical grade equipment. 

Treatments include thermage, facials, LED light therapy, skin needling, enzyme therapy, epi blading, skin peels and microdermabrasion. 

Skin Divinity’s elevated clinical approach to skincare is results focused. Superior skincare products such as Aspect, Cosmedix, Osmosis and Societe create a full sensory experience and definite notion of luxury. 

Don’t forget to start the day with wellbeing in mind at one of our favourite breakfast hot spots. Add some extra kilometres to your daily movement count by exploring Byron by bike. Then end the day with a dinner experience that nourishes the body and the mind. 

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